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Dreading downsizing...Read Gordon & Barbara's story

This was their true wrench when I first met them…. leaving all of this behind!

The reality of their situation was however, that with some reassurance everything was going to be ok, they knew they had to move. 

Sadly, Gordon’s health wasn’t as good as it once was (although he was still as sharp as a button, with a sarcastic tongue that used to have the team in stitches), physically he wasn’t as active or as steady on his feet.  When I met them, their family had moved his bedroom downstairs, because he could no longer manage the stairs. 

There were many other factors contributing to their decision to finally take the plunge and downsize.  Such as, although they loved their beautiful remote location, it was becoming increasingly impractical.  Their extensive gardens were far too labour intensive to maintain (I should probably mention at this point that Gordon is 89!), and the reality that their listed home due to it’s age, needed upgrades and sympathetic improvements, that they simply didn’t have the funds or energy for.

I can only describe their moving journey as one of the most challenging house moves I have dealt with in recent years for lots of reasons.  From managing their emotional attachment to their home (which was understandable), the bottom of the chain collapsing due to their buyers losing her buyer, lots of title/ land registry issues coming out of the woodwork during the conveyancing process and then them getting gazumped on the property they were purchasing through another agent…the list just went on!

However, like a dog with a bone, we were all committed to their house move, so we held their hands every step of the way and persevered to get to their end goal!  We had good fun along the way too! Especially with Gordon’s wicked banter and Barbara’s naturally bubbly and witty disposition.  Honestly, they are like a comedy duo…you know the type that finish each other’s sentences!

To cut a six-month long story very short (and many cups of tea and biscuits later), Gordon and Barbara with our help, found their dream bungalow in the heart of Culcheth Village (better than the original one they’d found – it must have been fate!).  They finally left Railway Cottage, with the realisation that their 40 years of memories would stay in their hearts forever. 

I remember visiting them with a box of chocolates, a couple of months after their move.  When I visited, they were struggling to adjust to their new bungalow, due to the lack of space they were previously used to.  Although I reassured them that it would take some time, I remember coming away feeling slightly deflated and concerned, hoping that they would soon get settled in their new home and surroundings. 

That was two years ago. 

Last weekend, while I was out canvassing in Culcheth Village, I couldn’t resist but check-in on them!  

Delighted to see me, Barbara ushered me in and brought me into their living room to see Gordon.  After winding me up for a couple of minutes pretending he’d lost his marbles, he got up from his chair and gave me a big hug.  We chatted for a good 15 minutes.  It was extremely refreshing and a relief to see that although it has taken them a good two years, they are finally settled and happy in their new home.  And of course, it was great to see that Gordon hasn’t lost that wicked sense of humour of his!

If you or a family member are debating whether to downsize, and dreading the thought of it, we would be happy to chat through your moving needs, any concerns, and how we can help.  The kettle will always be on, and the biscuit tin will be full!

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