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Our top 9 reasons why you should put your house on the market before Christmas!

October has always been one of our favourite times of the year for listing and selling houses!  Here we will discuss why and my top nine reasons why putting your house on the market before Christmas could be a wise move!


1)      Time to reflect

People start to reflect this time of year in the last quarter and start thinking about next year and where they would like to be in a years’ time.  With Christmas only around the corner, the realisation sets in for those who have been contemplating moving for a while, that they want to make sure they spend next Christmas in a new home. 


2)      January movers

Putting your house on the market now, is the perfect time of the year for buyers who want to be moved in by the end of January, tying in with the New Year, Fresh Start mindset for those adamant they have made their decision and want to move by early next year!


3)      Less competition

There is less competition this time of year for new properties coming to the market, but still serious buyers out there. You have a much better chance of selling your home quicker and for a better end selling price, so take advantage of this supply vs demand imbalance now.  Ideally, you want to sell in a ‘sellers’ market’ when demand is greater than supply.  As oppose to the competition you will face in January, with the influx of new homes that always come to the market in the New Year!


4)      More motivated buyers

Come autumn, many people have taken extended time off over Christmas. Buyers have more time to make important decisions, to plan, research the market, even make a few New Year resolutions. They know what they want, and they feel confident about their buying decisions- they’re serious about buying. The more frenzied selling periods can bring time-wasters and buyers less ready to commit.


5)      We love doing viewings this time of year!

It is great discussing where prospective buyers would put their Christmas trees, how many they would have and truly setting the autumn and Christmas scene, which everyone starts looking forward to this time of year!  Get your winter candles lit and have your fires on for viewings, switch lamps on and style your home with accessories to complement the season…russet apples in bowls, candles and reed diffusers with hints of cinnamon and spice. You can add hues of autumnal colours to your bed linen, throws and cushions to create warmth and depth within your rooms. 

I say it all the time, but we are no longer selling bricks and mortar, but a lifestyle that goes with it!

So, it is important to set the scene and tune into people’s emotions. 


6)      Best buying position

Get yourself in the best possible buying position now, ready for the New Year rush of properties.  This will give you more bargaining power when trying to secure your dream home.  People often get sucked into the catch 22 challenge, of needing to find before they sell, but then often lose the one they wanted, because they couldn’t proceed with their own sale.  By listing and securing a sale on yours before Christmas, you will be in a much better position when the property you have been waiting for, comes to the market. 


7)      Setting the scene

Talking about setting the scene…if you live in either an area where you are nestled in stunning scenery or a house perfect for the winter months, such as a charming cosy cottage, a house with a fabulous garden or a barn conversion with a feature roaring open fire where you can truly capitalise on the autumn and winter months to accentuate your homes key selling features, then why wait until January…play to your homes strengths and sell now!


8)      Increased online traffic/ buyer activity

Rightmove and Zoopla are the two main property portals and have tens of thousands of estate agents registered to their sites and over a million properties listed.  Rightmove receives over 127.5million visitors every month, while Zoopla 50million per month.  This increases by more than 25% over the festive period.  Why not advantage of this, as it is where 99% of your prospective house hunters begin their search!


9)      Thinking of buying new build

If you have your heart and eyes set on a new build home, talk to us now about selling your home before Christmas to reap the rewards of beating the January competition! We can help to sell your home for the best open market price and put you in the driving seat when it comes to securing the best plot and negotiating the right package, once plots and prices are released!  We can assist with any Help to Buy queries and put you in touch with the right mortgage advisers and solicitors to make the process as smooth as possible.  The key to buying new, is getting all your ducks in a row early on!


Contact our friendly team on 01925 407210, to discuss any of your moving matters, upcoming plans, and how we can help. 


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