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My Mum is a Superhero

We have smashed our yearly goals since opening our doors three years ago and have been very lucky to have worked with hundreds of amazing customers and win several awards along the way, including the best agent in Cheshire for the last two years running at the national estate agency awards, along with coming 2nd in the whole of the North West last year.  We are very proud of how far we have come as a business. 

The continued journey is both extremely exciting and at times quite scary, but we are loving every minute of it! 

When you do what you love and love what you do, it doesn't always feel like work and I've been very fortunate to have found my passion in estate agency very early on in my career and have been extremely happy and successful ever since. 

The question I would always get asked though and more often in recent years since getting married was...Do you have plans for a family? When do you think you will take time out to have a baby? Will you make us grandparents one day? How will you fit in having a baby around your work schedule? And so on...

Although I would tend to brush it to one side, it was something I started to worry about myself, and in my own mind, probably because I am a perfectionist and have high functioning anxiety, I always thought the business had to be much closer to the end goal before starting a family.  Silly I know!

Rewind to this time last year and after being stopped in our tracks with a shock pregnancy and the exciting news of becoming parents last February, we announced to our families the news of our new addition joining us at the end of September 2020. 

We were absolutely over the moon by our little blessing, but because it is not something we had planned, we were naturally very nervous about becoming parents, especially having such a full-on business to run. 

Of course, excited by our news, when we made it common knowledge about the pregnancy, the new question everyone seemed to ask was...what are you going to do about work? How will you run the business and look after the baby? And so on...

But the way I see things in life is this...whether you think you can or you can't, you are right! 

I knew deep down that everything was going to be fine, and I knew that I absolutely could do both! 

Why couldn't I be a fantastic Mum while still taking care of my business and my customers? 

Lots of Mum's do it I thought and are great at both! 

So, despite the daily waves of anxiety that rippled through my body, I focussed on the rest of the year making two promises to myself. 

1) I was going to be there for my little girl in the first few months to enjoy our important bonding time together. 

2) I was not going to let our customers down or my business suffer. 

However, I also knew that I was not going to achieve my goals without leaning on my support network that I am very fortunate enough to have, especially my Queen - my Mother. 

From washing and ironing all my baby clothes (because I simply did not have the time), to keeping me nourished while I continued to work ninety hours a week, to just being there on the other end of the phone when I needed someone to talk to.  And now to looking after my little princess being the most amazing Nanna, while I work a few days a week so I can continue to build my dream.  With all this and since becoming a mum myself, I have a completely newfound respect and admiration for my Mum and every single mother out there working hard daily and constantly putting themselves second to look after and support their families. 

Being a busy working Mum is tough and some days are much easier than others I am not going to lie, and every other Mum out there will know exactly where I am coming from. 

But for our families every day we soldier on…. because that is what superheroes do!

So, in light of International Women’s Day and also Mothering Sunday at the weekend, I wanted to say a massive thank you to my amazing Mum, who is my best friend, my rock, my real-life superhero and literally the most inspirational woman I have ever met.  Constantly putting other people’s needs before her own and if I can be half the mother that she has been to me over the years, my daughter will be very lucky and will have a great role model to look up to.  I hope so!

To every strong woman out there, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

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