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Home Match-Makers

We see it happen all the time sadly. 

And we get it, no one wants to sell their beautiful home and then struggle to find their next one.   But the reality of the situation is that if you are financially dependent on your house sale to enable you to buy your next one, then you must get yourself in the best possible buying position to be considered, when your dream home comes up. 

And you may think I am talking nonsense, but we see it time and time again when people are so confident that their house will sell in a day or week, and the reality of the situation is that they never do, and have set themselves up for disappointment by acting too late!

It also worth mentioning that because only approximately 1% of homes within an area are actually advertised on the open market, the right home for you probably isn’t on the market yet, but with the help of a great home-finding agent and some gentle persuasion, we can introduce you to your perfect home.  It is simply the more motivated sellers that put their properties onto the open market.

Similar to the catch 22 recruitment challenge and anyone who has ever tried to recruit a rockstar, will know first-hand that the best people are not actively looking on the open job market for a new role, but with the right approach and offering their head could be turned towards a new role that is much better suited for them.  This is exactly why the recruitment industry requires great head-hunters!

Searching for the perfect house is no different.  

But the great news is, with our exciting piece of prop-tech, we have a tailored solution for prospective buyers and sellers who are struggling to find their next home. 

Let us introduce you to our ‘whole of market’ home match-making tool this Valentine’s Day.

Just like cupid, our home-finding experts can find exactly what you are looking for, a home that ticks all of your boxes and then introduce you to those sellers to see if we can find the perfect match. 

We have helped a lot of sellers secure ‘off-market’ properties, but the key to actually being able to secure one, is getting yourself in the right buying position.

A quick story to bring to life what we are talking about.  Not so long ago, we had some potential clients of ours who had seen a property with us that they wanted to offer on.  The property was getting lots of interest and already had other offers on the property.  Our clients at the time were not yet on the market.  With our help, we were able to quickly value theirs, agree a sale and marketing strategy they were happy with and arrange the photos to get them market ready.

Unfortunately, this still wasn’t quick enough and the property they desperately wanted at the time went to best and final offers and they lost out to buyers who were in a much stronger buying position, being proceedable due to their ability to move immediately forward the purchase. 

Our clients at the time were gutted they were not able to secure what they thought was their dream home, but with our help there was a silver lining!

The silver lining was getting them in the best buying position, where we were able to fully market their own property to secure the maximum selling price from the most committed buyers at an impressive £23,000 over their asking price, without them feeling pressured and racing against the clock to take the first offer that came along.  This made a huge difference to their overall equity pot. 

Meanwhile, we got to work on finding them a suitable property to move to and managed to secure them an ‘off-market’ opportunity that was perfect for their little family.  It was the opposite to what they had seen originally, but a project they could make completely their own.  In the long run, it has worked out so much better than the first property they initially missed out on.  They paid a price for the property that our sellers were delighted with (one that was worth not taking it to the open market), where our clients would have been competing with even more potential buyers, resulting in a win/win situation for everyone involved. 

However, if they hadn’t of taken a leap of faith to trust us with their own house sale to get them in the best possible buying position, while we searched for their perfect home, they would have completely missed the boat, when their dream home came available. 

So, if your eyes have started to wonder and your current home is no longer where your heart is, then please don’t leave things to chance and let our home match-makers get to work finding your dream home, while getting those of you who need to sell in order to purchase your next one, in the best possible buying position with your own house sale. 

Start profiling your dream home here, and let our team of cupids do the rest: -

At Harper Williams we live and breathe our passion for people and property and love bringing the two together. 

When you’re happy, we’re happy!

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