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How can your estate agent be worth their weight in gold?

Well to summarise, there are two things it mainly comes down to: -

1)     Making sure we achieve the ultimate best-selling price for our sellers to maximise their overall equity pot.  We are currently achieving on average 3% over our sellers asking price – WOW!

2)     Once we’ve agreed a sale – minimising all parties risk and getting it to the completion finish line as soon as possible!

When you’ve done the job for almost 16 years, achieving the best possible price comes as second nature.  We have acquired the right skill set over this long period of time which are executed day in and day out to secure the impressive results our clients deserve. 

So more often for us, step one is the easier part of the process. 

Step two, once an offer has been accepted and a complete chain in place, is where the hard work truly begins!

At this stage with a swan like exterior, the crazy paddling below the surface gets to work for our customers.

Estate agency is a very bizarre industry in the sense that you only get true commitment from both parties at the final stages when you reach a successful exchange of contracts.  This can be some 6-18 weeks down the line, depending on how good the estate agents, solicitors and mortgage brokers involved are, and dependent on what unknown issues may arise throughout this process.  And let’s not forget, moving house is considered the third most stressful thing you’ll ever do in life, and naturally people’s behaviours can play a huge part at this stage too!

If you booked a holiday and didn’t go, you’d lose your non-refundable deposit!  Same with a car, if you ordered it and didn’t take delivery, you’d end up losing your deposit!  Marketing agencies charging monthly retainers for work they’ve not yet carried out, the list goes on and on…But until this is changed, currently within our industry both buyers and sellers (and ourselves to be completely candid…being a no sale, no fee agent!) are hugely exposed until we get to that final hurdle!

So, I have always taken a huge accountability on my shoulders as an estate agent when it comes to agreeing sales.  We genuinely believe a great estate agent should help you get the best-selling price for your most expensive tangible asset; help you find and negotiate your next property and finally kick it all over the line as soon as possible.  While keeping all parties happy and reducing stress levels as much as possible over what can be a long period of time!

Easy, right?!

Bearing in mind buying or selling a property is a very emotionally driven sale or purchase, this can be a tough order! But it our responsibility to make it happen, so working hard to minimise everyone’s risk of the chain collapsing, is our fundamental accountability. 

This is our superpower at HW!

We work relentlessly hard day in and day out to proactively move our sales along through the conveyancing process, working with the right conveyancing partners and mortgage brokers to ensure a speedy turnaround and stress-free process as much as possible.  We don’t take the relaxed approach and just simply ‘let the process happen’.  In our combined 30 year plus experience, the longer the transactions take to go through, the greater the risk is of them collapsing.   

Our approach is more of a ‘critical friend’ to all parties, to in a nutshell ‘get the job done’!

We work to a standard turnaround of 6-8 weeks from the point of agreeing an offer and have always tried our best to set precedent with this.  This is the reason I’ve always ran top service and profit branches before launching solo (primarily specialising in cold start offices and underperforming branches), because I refuse to accept the industry norm of 12-16 weeks just because most estate agents and solicitors fall into this bracket. 

Unfortunately, as highlighted earlier, people have the prerogative to change their minds, and can do right up to the 11th hour!  People’s behaviours can be one of the main reasons that chains collapse. Therefore, the longer the process takes, the longer people have to change their minds, see other properties, changes of circumstances might occur, and so on. 

As a national statistic, 30% of house sales fall through…. we refuse to join this statistic!  And are very proud of the fact that our fall through percentage rate is just under 10%.  For those of our clients who sadly fell victim of this statistic, we are sorry we were not able to get you over the finish line first time around, but rest assured we will do everything we can to get you there next time!

So yes, we've smashed our business goals for 2019 and as a result have grown by 500%, but what that means to our customers past, present and future is that we've been 100% accountable to our mission in helping more customers achieve their moving objectives and have lived and breathed our core values week in week out to get them there! 


And like anything, actions and results speak far louder than words. 


Proof will always be in the pudding! 


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We look forward to helping many more sellers and buyers on their moving journeys in 2020!

And finally, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2019 and to our loyal customers who continue to be our brand ambassadors.  The fact 70% of our new business still comes from either recommendation or referrals, we are extremely blessed and will continue to work even harder to improve where possible and maintain our high industry standards into 2020 and beyond!

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year ????.

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